Your Solution Provider


Our vision for IDS is to be an acknowledged and preferred global provider of drilling and marine services. IDS shall be known and appreciated for its quality performance and expertise as well as for its cost-efficiency and innovative technological approach to any challenging operation.

Our aim is to always be on the list when major players in the business look for project partners. All people on IDS assignments must obey the golden trinity of laws, rules and values: The laws of the country where we operate, the rules and guidelines of our clients and the values constituting the IDS Mindset:


We are ambitious in our goals and dedicated to delivering high-quality, cost-efficient and safe operations; adding value for customers, employees and owners. We are responsive in our approach to solving problems and strive continuously to improve. To us there are no “minor” or “major” jobs – only important ones – and we always go that extra mile to ensure optimal performance. We work hard every day to stay one step ahead of our competitors.


Trust and credibility are the pillars of long-term successful relationships in the drilling business. At IDS, we never compromise on safety, we comply with all relevant regulations and we take action when facing unusual situations or conditions. To us, every contractual obligation and deadline is sacred, and we stay put until the job is done.


We have a flexible approach to different environments and customers’ differing demands. Our flexible set-up and our experience from both onshore and offshore drilling enable us to solve a wide variety of tasks. While committed to respecting the local culture wherever we work, we always live by the same high standards of ethical conduct and business behavior. Our business is ever changing, and in order to succeed, we exchange ideas, present alternatives and meet every challenge with a taste for new and better solutions.